Open Letter to the Indiana State Legislature

Our organizations deliver health care, conduct business, grow jobs and our economy, and represent the people of Indiana. We share a commitment to strengthening the health of our state and its citizens.


Today, more than 2 million Hoosiers live in federally designated primary care provider shortage areas without adequate access to primary care, while more than 4.7 million lack access to mental health care. We believe Indiana can and must do better to protect the health of our state and families. Our businesses cannot recruit and retain a healthy workforce without adequate health care access, and we can no longer accept policies that exclude rural and underserved communities from receiving equitable health care access in their own communities.


The public health emergency of the last two years temporarily empowered patients with greater health care choice and direct access to advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). We cannot turn back now. With the suspension of the Governor’s executive order, the General Assembly must act swiftly to pass legislation in the 2023 session that makes this access permanent.


More than 25 states and the District of Columbia grant patients full and direct access to the comprehensive care APRNs deliver in one billion patient visits each year nationwide. It is time for Indiana to join them. We, the undersigned organizations, urge you to prioritize Indiana patients and enact full practice authority this legislative session.


We stand ready to work with you to build a healthy future for Indiana where every citizen has access to the health care they deserve, delivered by the provider of their choice.

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