Hoosiers for Health Care Access Applauds Legislation Expanding Health Access, Choice

14 Organizations Urge Legislature to Pass HB 1330 and SB 213

INDIANA — The Hoosiers for Health Care Access coalition, including AARP Indiana, Americans for Prosperity, Convenient Care Association, Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Indiana Farm Bureau, National Grange and others, today called on the Indiana General Assembly to pass HB 1330 and SB 213. This legislation will give Hoosiers full and direct access to the high-quality care provided by advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and a choice of health care provider.

More than 2.4 million Hoosiers across 138 primary care and 102 mental health care health provider shortage areas (HPSAs) — including urban, suburban and rural communities — lack adequate access to care. This legislation will remove regulatory barriers that prevent Indiana’s nearly 8,000 APRNs from practicing to the top of their licensure and training and meeting the urgent demand for care.

“The health of older Hoosiers depends on improving their access and growing the available healthcare workforce who can provide the services they need,” said AARP Indiana Legislative Director Ambre Marr. “APRNs are currently restricted from doing their jobs to the full extent of their training. By breaking down these outdated barriers, APRNs can help provide quality care to patients throughout the state—from small towns to urban hubs. Hoosiers deserve the opportunity to have more choices that will allow them to stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible, where they want to be.”

“Indiana’s health care access challenge is particularly hard-hitting for our rural communities,” said Jeff Cummins with the Indiana Farm Bureau. “One of our major priorities is rural viability; a key measure of that is access to healthcare services in rural areas. The Indiana Farm Bureau is calling on the General Assembly to swiftly take action to expand access to APRN-provided care and ensure that rural Hoosiers can access the care they desperately need.”

“Indiana prides itself on being an open market and competitive state,” said Josh Webb with Americans for Prosperity – Indiana. “Yet in our health care system, we arbitrarily restrict the supply of health care providers — driving up the cost of care. Not only does this have a detrimental effect on Hoosiers’ freedom to access the health care provider of their choice, it harms our economy by discouraging new businesses from coming to our state and increasing costs for all of us. We are calling on the General Assembly to correct this, once and for all, by passing this critical legislation.”

About Hoosiers for Health Care Access Hoosiers for Health Care Access is a statewide coalition dedicated to expanding access to APRNs to meet our state’s growing health care needs. Today, over 2.4 million Hoosiers lack access to basic primary health care services in their community. In fact, the federal government has designated 134 health care provider shortage areas across the state.